Welcome readers! The original aim of this blog was as follows: to share through a literary medium my thoughts on society, love, artistry and justice. Thus the blog is inevitably political (the personal is political: stir and repeat) and spans a gamut of writing media: the essay (or creative non-fiction genre), the poem, the article.

Yet, the blog has inevitably become the receptacle for my search for truth and happiness: i apply my life and interests and skills (and, alas, weaknesses) in pursuit of a single object: goodness.  Things have been this way since i was a child.  So I apologise if the contents of this blog seem overwhelmingly religious (buddhist), or silly, or confounding, or boring.  The older, angstier posts carry much more literary stimulation, but still a writer, i must write what moves me and at the moment it is the struggle to awaken (myogaku).

a little author background: i’m the only writer for this personal blog; i am a buddhist and an activist and a writer, broadly.  i identify as biracial of east asian and white heritage, and i also identify as a lesbian and as a person from a wealthy financial background, who has received a high degree of education.


3 Responses to About

  1. Saera says:

    Ooooh, I like this new format. I hadn’t looked at wordpress for awhile, and I’m sorry that I haven’t – I’ve been missing out!

  2. yeah i like it too! it really highlights the writing and pressures me to work harder and post in trios!

  3. blgoss says:

    Hey, J. L., I’d like to do a post on women who blog. Would you be interested in answering some questions? And possibly suggesting some other interviewees? Email me, please, at blgossamer@gmail.com.

    B. L.

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